Abundance Ceremony – The Law of Return

The Abundance Ceremony is an alchemical process designed to align us to the Law of Return. It is an excellent way to live in receptivity to the natural flow of abundance.

The Universe naturally provides with Abundance. The more one gives, the more space is made for abundance to return. This is called the Law of Return. The mineral, plant and animal worlds are aligned to this law. The sun continues to shine without worry for whether the earth will give anything in return. The plant doesn’t give more energy to the blossoms promising to produce the best fruit.

The Abundance Ceremony provides ten different ways to perform acts of kindness. They are selfless acts of goodwill towards a person or one of the worlds of nature. It is a message from the heart, expressing love, care and respect. It’s important not to be forceful or intrusive. Acts of Kindness are best done in anonymity, with no expectation of reciprocation or thanks from the recipient.

Each act is initiated with a statement of intent, to align with the Law of Return in good faith and with an open heart. Example: “I do this as an act of power, with thanks for the abundance I already have in my life.”

You can follow the Ten Acts of Kindness in their sequential order or randomly as the opportunities arise.

Abundance Ceremony

Ten Acts of Kindness

1 – Focus your originality and creativity. What can you give that is an expression of your artistic originality? It will be something you can do for someone that only you can do in your unique way. Allow yourself to feel the joy in your heart from expressing your natural self.

2 – Offer something Substantial, tangible and physical. Get physically involved, get your hands dirty. Use your many talents, skills and abilities, which can be easily translated into acts of kindness for another. Keep it simple and appreciate the smile it brings to your face.

3 – Alter the Form of something in someone’s life, who is in pain. Bring flowers to someone who is grieving; listen to a lonely person’s story; visit a sick person in the hospital. Taking the time to care for another’s pain touches them with beauty and helps your heart grow.

4 – Have a Determination to help even if it’s inconvenient. This one is more difficult than the others. You must be willing to say yes in the moment, with decisive action and commitment. You will gain courage and depth of character.

5 – Help someone gain Understanding in their learning process. Share the knowledge you have integrated from your life experience when someone who is struggling with a similar issue asks for your help. This is not about giving unsolicited advice or rescuing people. Sharing in this way increases self- worth and self-esteem.

6 – Share from your natural creative Imagination. These are the things you do so naturally, you take them for granted. Once you recognize it, reach out and bless someone’s life with this beauty. This reflects who you are in your unique natural brilliance!

7 – This act brings a sense of Freedom to someone’s life, like a ‘breath of fresh air’. It could be helping a person solve a problem; giving a mom a break from caring for her newborn baby; helping someone unpack after moving into a new home. Be the spark, take the initiative to do what is needed. You will get a more honest self-reflection of who you are as a Sacred Human.

8 – Break an unproductive Pattern by doing something for someone else. Unproductive behaviours result from feeling stagnant and unfulfilled with life. By helping others, you help satisfy the other person’s needs and brings you a gain in energy.

9 – Chaos is the way the Universe ensures evolution. Most people react to chaos by going into stress. By being the calm within the storm, you can stay centred while another is ‘losing it’. Allow your calming presence to make a difference to someone caught in a stressful moment. It may mean giving shoulder or neck massages, listening to what they have to say or simply offering alternative perspectives to the situation. This will help you appreciate the power of being relaxed and focused in all moments.

10 – Pay attention to unexpected opportunities. This will usually come as a surprise. It what is called a ‘random act of kindness’. Welcome these opportunities and the boost of self-worth they provide.