We are back in South Africa!

‘Dreaming In’ our Gatherings and meeting People who are of like mind is always a beautiful personal and collective Sacred Journey for us. If you are attracted to something we offer but are yet to journey with us, send us a message and ask for our Upcoming Gatherings to see what we are doing over the next few months. If something resonates within you then don’t delay – CONTACT US to chat & book your spot.

We are back at our Centre in Valley of 1000 Hills, KwaZulu Natal after spending 6 wonderful weeks living & teaching in Ontario, Canada.

What a blessing it is to hold Sisterhood, Brotherhood & Community Circles on the other side of the globe, bridging two very different worlds (South Africa & North America) & really learning about Living in Awareness.

We had the pleasure of running several Gatherings, working with themes like ‘Release Overwhelm & Embrace your inner WOW’, ‘Co-creating Conscious Relationships’, ‘The Power of the Medicine Pipe’, ‘Stop Striving – begin Thriving’, ‘AMWA’ & many, many Sweat Lodges...

I am always interested to see how well the ‘African Medicine Wheel Astrology’ (AMWA) is received, in fact we had one participant exploring his Giraffe up a tree, a cheetah on the hunt & an ostrich who developed a whole new relationship with his body image by experiencing himself in his ‘bird body’!

Lou & I continually marvel with heart-felt gratitude & appreciation at our abundant blessings. We have such wonderful family, friends & a Community on both sides of the world who are willing to support us in every way so that we may continue to follow the call of Great Spirit, weaving wisdom across the world & holding safe, sacred healing spaces for those who are called to share their Sacred Journey with us. The words ‘Thank You’ do not do justice to what we feel in our hearts.

To the Twisted Hair Elders, who have given us the mandate to share these Teachings & who continue to teach & work with us from the Nagual (all spiritual realms).

To all our ancestors who love & support us & to Grandmother Earth, the lands that hold both Sacred Journeys in South Africa & Inspired Centre in Canada for continuing to feed & nourish us in every way.

And of course to all the Sacred Humans who have shared & supported us in our ongoing journey – Sasha Raven Dancing in the Light, Gregory Eagle Heart Sings, Lynette Wolfe of the Red Cedars, Julius Golden Mamba, Tanya Silverwinged Seacrow & Ivy – to name just a few.

Lou & I get to share in so many transformational healing spaces with so many amazing people across the world & we have such a deep appreciation for those of you who share your Medicine with us & touch our hearts – we continue to celebrate the Sacred Journey of life with each of you.

Meegwetch. Thank you.

Lou Worldweaver & Laurel Weaving Willow