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African Medicine Wheel Astrology
AMWA is a unique form of astrology, combining the medicine wheel teachings of the indigenous people of the Americas and the ancient wisdom embodied in the African animals.
AMWA uses two templates, both configured in the circular patterns of the medicine wheel.
One houses the 21 Spheres, the other the 21 Allies, both give us access to ancient knowledge and wisdom.
When we apply an individuals date of birth, we combine these two wheels to create a unique Birth Constellation.  
Sphere Sigils Constellation
the 21 Spheres
There are 21 Spheres that revolve around us like the planets around the sun and represents the 21 major arenas of our human experience of reality.

They house the secrets to becoming a happy, healthy, hopeful human being. 

Each sphere shares their unique wisdom about survival, relationship, synchronicity, power and strength and holds a piece of the sacred code, unlocking the mysteries of our naturalness and our potential.
the 21 alllies
An Ally is a companion we can rely on to have our back, one who provides support and aid when needed.

Each AMWA Ally is a personal adviser providing us with valuable insight, guidance and direction.

They are continually communicating, coaching and teaching us how to wake up, sift through what’s true and untrue and take responsibility for ourselves.  

YOU are an inimitable snowflake, who will never exist in this world again – don’t you want to celebrate this once in a lifetime experience?

Delving into AMWA is a deep dive into your untapped wisdom. The goal, to guide you to your life’s purpose as you evolve into the person you are meant to be. Are you ready to meet your true self?

Perhaps you feel overburdened by the demands and needs of others and feel guilty for wanting to pull away.

Mongoose medicine teaches us you can easily adapt to the needs of others if you ensure your needs are satisfied as well.

Or you may feel like escaping your reality because you are confused and stressed by trying to control the outcome for fear of.

The giraffe tells us to get our heads out of the details and rise above the situation helping us gain clarity from the bigger picture.

Maybe you can get impatient or frustrated with others who aren’t on the same page and feel like they slow you down.

Cheetah medicine teaches you to let go of distractions and pay attention to your goal, knowing you have what it takes to hunt down your target and feast on your success.

Maybe you feel uncomfortable in your body and wish you could exchange it for another one.

The Rhinoceros reminds us that our physical stature, complexion and appearance are unique personality traits to this lifetime, they will never appear again.

Maybe you get easily distracted into idle chatter and miss what’s happening in the moment.

Stork Medicine says to access the power of inner silence we must become more discerning about our impulses to fill the space with unnecessary noise

Animals are an integral part of our daily lives, dreams and imagination. Their symbolism, behaviours and characteristics help us to better understand ourselves. Animals inspire us to find strength, power, wisdom, love, protection and hope. They stir our imagination, taking us into a world of discovery, connection and awareness. Since animals live in harmony with nature, they teach us how to deepen our spiritual connections and see the bigger picture of why we are here.

As with other forms of astrology, your Birth Constellation is determined by your date of birth.
There is a unique relationship that develops between each of the Spheres and the personal Ally that resides within that Sphere. Together, their purpose is to help you realize your potential and awaken your unknown and underdeveloped assets.

An AMWA reading takes you on a magickal journey, confirming the truth about what you have intuitively known about yourself since you can remember.
A 90-minute AMWA Reading provides you with your unique Birth Constellation Chart.
The practitioner guides you on the journey through each Sphere, giving you insight, clarity & tools of how the Ally within that Sphere can support you in that arena of your life.
Having a reading every year around your birthday, can help you set clear intentions for the new cycle.
Looking at the relationship between yourself and your significant others can open the door to more understanding & compassion in how you relate to one another.
AMWA toolS
Are you a Leopard, a Giraffe or perhaps an Ostrich?
Explore, discover and learn how your AMWA Allies can set you free. Learn to run, fly and play with your AMWA Allies as they take you on a journey into greater awareness, self-trust and focus. Find your own answers to your most pressing questions about your true nature, relationships, career, and more with AMWA.

Each of the 21 cards carries a message of wisdom and shines a light guiding you out of the darkness back to your shining.
  • Get to know your natural talents and skills
  • Learn how to make better decisions with confidence
  • Take charge of your life by setting daily intentions
  • Solve problems and resolve issues with greater ease
  • Empower yourself to manifest your dreams
  • Discover and follow your life’s purpose
Any time you feel disconnected and long for a deeper connection to Spirit, reach for the cards and allow the animal world to be your guides.
aMWA Training
To train in AMWA, is to immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the natural worlds of Grandmother Earth. Many people who have had an AMWA reading, feel called to learn more about AMWA. They either want to integrate the knowledge and wisdom of AMWA more deeply into their lives or they want to learn how to facilitate readings for others. Regardless of the destination, this journey requires an open mind with a solid commitment to follow through.

The AMWA Training Program includes teachings of the medicine wheels, training on how to develop your understanding & intuition of the course material and practical applications so you can facilitate readings for others.