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Experience ancient knowledge in an exciting new way.

Get to know yourself through the eyes of the African animals while unlocking your inner wisdom using the medicine wheel teachings of the America's.

Now is the time to step into your power & follow your true calling.

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Red Owl
A sacred space where women gather to awaken, learn, discover & explore the mysterious & magickal nature of the feminine.
We journey into the ancient memory held within our blood & bones to re-member who we truly are, harness the powerful energy of our wombs & embody the potent creatrix we came here to be.
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Rainbow Warrior

The Rainbow Warrior is ready to wake up & discover the wealth of knowledge & magick within, & harness this power to create a life filled with beauty & balance.

As in the old way of Apprenticeship, the student is guided through the 5 Gateways of Human Awareness, each one rich with shamanic knowledge, teachings & ceremonies rooted in the study of nature, psychology, human physiology, spirituality, science & philosophy.

Do you want to create a life filled with personal power?

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Shamanic Survival Skills

Change is an uncontrollable part of reality, taking us into unknown & unpredictable situations.

We often feel too confused & ill equipped to negotiate the changes effectively.

Our newsletter "Shamanic Survival Skills" contains monthly teachings, readings for the collective, new moon meditations & simple ceremonies to equip you with knowledge, skills & abilities to negotiate an ever-changing world with confidence.

When we align with change, we become powerful.