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Exchange Policy
Our Approach to Energy Exchange
Money is not a factor that should prevent anyone from participating.
Everything in the universe follows the principle of mutual energy exchange. There is no such thing as a free ride.
The bee takes pollen so that it may nurture and care for its hive. In exchange it fertilizes the flower so that it too may thrive.
We have experienced that this kind of balanced equitable exchange creates opportunity for the greatest benefits for all involved.
Should you feel called to join us, but have difficulty meeting the financial commitment, talk to us about a proposal for equitable exchange. 
We request that your proposal reflects an expression from your heart to honour the value of what you will gain from the experience,
honestly offering what you can – no more and no less.


Provisional bookings are held for 3 days. Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment.

Payments can be made in CASH or by EFT. 

Please note we do not have card facilities.

Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you all the info you need to prepare for your experience with us.

Payment is to be made in full prior to the start of any event.

Refunds (minus R250.00 administration charge) are given only if the booking is cancelled more than seven working days before. 

Payments are forfeited if cancelled less than seven working days before.

Payment Details

Shamanic Training Centre

FNB Cheque Account 

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Reference: Full Name

Retreats, Programs & Training
These residential retreats, programs & training includes access to the Centre's facilities, course content & facilitator's time.

Bring food to take care of your own needs or ask one of our local caterers to nourish you.



community gatherings & the centre

PAY WHAT YOU CAN: comes with no obligations of how much you give; this is an invitation for you to honestly offer what you can – no more and no less.
he exchange value is offered as a guide.

HEART GIFTS:  equalize the exchange of unseen energy invested on your behalf by the Dance Chief / Ceremonial Facilitator & Apprentices who offer themselves in service to the event. Heart Gifts are just that - a gift from your heart, given with the receiver in mind & can include something created, bought or that you have in abundance.

FEAST FOOD: to feast is to share nourishing food with consciousness, in communal celebration - especially after Ceremony.
This is a Heart Gift that we get to share with our Selves & one another. 
Feast Food is a dish prepared for 10-12 people intended to nourish the spirit as well as the body. It can but does not have to be vegetarian.