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march 2022 - February 2023

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what is the rainbow warrior program?
Many of us reach a point where we find ourselves standing at a crossroads. This happens when we are ready to change the direction of our lives in a profound and meaningful way because we know we cannot continue in the same old way anymore.

This stirring beckons us to free our magnificence, direct the course of our lives and to do something great that will benefit more than just ourselves.

This is the calling of the Rainbow Warrior.   

A Rainbow Warrior is ready to embark on a remarkable Sacred Journey in pursuit of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

In this Program you will travel alongside the age-old footsteps of the Twisted Hair Elders, discovering your natural self through your own self growth & excellence. As our teachers have taught us and theirs before them, each Rainbow Warrior is dedicated to living and walking a Path that Sings to their Heart.

You will delve into your subconscious mind and tap into the undiscovered wealth of power, magick, knowledge and wisdom that lays within. You will develop your individual autonomous freedom and find greater meaning and purpose to your life.

As a Rainbow Warrior you will learn to create positive relationships, play a more active and responsible role in your world. You will bring greater levels of happiness, health, hope and harmony into your experiences.

The goal of The Rainbow Warrior Program is to guide you from being at the effect of life, into being the determiner of your own life.
how do we achieve this?

This program is rooted in the Old Way of Apprenticeship, which means you enter into an agreement with yourself, spirit and your teacher, to face your own shadow, confront the enemy within and deal with your fears, beliefs, philosophies, co-dependencies, ignorance, disempowerment and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.

It will challenge you to become the Student. Emptying your cup and letting go of what you think you know makes space to discover what is genuinely true. It is a dynamic journey that requires your willingness to release all the ways you shaped yourself so you could fit in, conform, and belong.

The Rainbow Warrior Program consists of Five Gateways, after which you become eligible for Rainbow Lodge as a Senior Apprentice to further your leadership training.

This annual Program begins around March and ends in the last week of February & includes five (2-night) training weekends.

With each training weekend we venture ever deeper into exploration of the ancient Medicine Wheel Teachings through the following learning arenas;

‘Our Children’s Planet’ supports us as we deepen our connection to Grandmother Earth.

We open our hearts to hear the 'The Song of the Universe’ singing to us of the unseen mysteries of our existence.

‘Our Identity’ takes us on a journey into our Self, shining the light in the dark so we can see ourselves for who we truly are.

‘The Human Luminosity’ teaches us about the complexities that house our potential to be healthy & harmonious humans, both in physical form & in our energy signature. It also introduces techniques from the Shamanic Healing Paradigm.

‘A Journey of Cycles’ – we consider this the Philosophers Stone weekend, it’s the key to unlock doors into knowledge & gateways into understanding our experience of everyday life.

We gather at the end of February every year for our annual week-long Ceremonial Gateway.  All Sacred Journeys Rainbow Warrior Students come together in support of themselves, one another & the collective. Each Apprentice steps into Ceremonial components that bring integration of their current year of training & initiate their transition into the next.

What is the cost of the Rainbow Warrior program?

This Shamanic Training Program must be entered with sobriety and clarity. It is a commitment to yourself to be the Rainbow Warrior in all aspects of your life. This requires an investment of your time & finances.

A once-off non-refundable enrolment fee of R 2 000.00 (Two Thousand Rands Only) ensures your place is secured.

Annual fees for the Rainbow Warrior Training Program are R 15 000.00 (Fifteen Thousand Rands Only) per student for 5 training weekends.
Fees are fully payable before the first weekend begins.

Should you require, the following payment options are available:

Monthly Payment Option
Twelve monthly payments of R 1 250.00, due by the 3rd of every month (March to February).

Bi-Monthly Payment Option
Six payments of R 2 500.00 every second month, due by the 3rd of March, May, July, September, November & January.

so how do i become a Rainbow Warrior?

Step 1: Let’s talk.

If enrolling as a Rainbow Warrior calls to your spirit and touches your heart, then call us on +2782 571 3306 so we can arrange to meet in person or on zoom.

We believe it’s important to meet with everyone. This gives us an opportunity to sit ‘face to face’ & feel whether we are a good fit for one another.

Due to the depth & nature of this Program we only take on a limited number of new students each year. Sacred Journeys – Shamanic Training Centre reserves the right to accept selected students each year.

Step 2: Enrolment.

Once you have been accepted into the Program, you will receive the Rainbow Warrior Enrolment link.

Click through, fill out the required fields & e-mail it over to us with proof of payment of your non-refundable enrolment fee of R 2 000.00 (Two Thousand Rands Only). This ensures your place is secured.

Step 3: Preparation.

Once enrolled, you will be added to the Rainbow Warrior Year 1 Whatsapp Group where you will receive all the information you need to be fully prepared to embark on this sacred journey.

Sacred Journeys Retreat &
SHAMANIC Training Centre,
Valley of 1000 Hills

Situated in the picturesque Valley of 1000 Hills, midway between Durban & Pietermaritzburg, SACRED JOURNEYS offers you a sanctuary, away from the busy-ness of the world so you can focus on your own personal needs & experience profound learning, healing, transformational growth, personal development & holistic wellness.

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Rainbow Warrior Shamanic Training Program
Taught by Lou Worldweaver & Laurel Weaving Willow 
March 2022 - February 2023
Please see our CALENDAR for RW Training Weekends.


A blended teaching style that allows an organic approach to each experience we share. Through the course of each day, you will receive various learning & healing opportunities including teachings, group activities & exercises, interactive & exploratory discussion, body-mind-heart integration techniques, personal reflection time, powerful ancient ceremonies, storytelling & sharing, techniques of discipline, tools for application & more.


On confirmation of booking, you will receive a whatsapp from us with final details to prepare for your training.


Seven acres of nature just outside the city, where you can connect to the birds & bees & fresh air. There are no televisions, radios, magazines or electronic devices & cellphones are strongly discouraged. This means outside distractions are limited, allowing you the time to just breathe!
There is a well stocked library, large communal indoor teaching space & plenty of outdoor spaces to sit together or alone.
Our medicine gardens are lovingly tended around the buildings, and just beyond you can walk into acres of natural bush that sings with an abundance of bird life.
We suggest you bring good walking shoes, water bottle, sunhat, torch & raincoat so you can spend some time out there.


The Centre offers 5 unique shared bedrooms accommodating a total of 12 people on comfy single beds.
A large changeroom with indoor shower plus a magickal outdoor shower where nature embraces you.
Bring your own sleeping gear & natural body products.


There is a fully equipped communal kitchen with large fridge, microwave, gas stove & oven.
All events are self catered so bring food to take care of your needs or you can ask one of our local caterers to nourish you.
Food logistics are often arranged communally so we suggest you bring one lunch/dinner meal to feed between 12 & 15 people - details are discussed in RW Y1 whatsapp group.