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Red Owl Women’s Retreat
withdrawal of winter
june 16th - 19th 2022
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withdrawal of winter
The crone beckons us to empty ourselves.
Honour the process of letting go, free yourself to discover what resides deep within your heart.

The healing current of our inner woman is potent, it comes from the Great Mother Goddess. We take the much needed time out to nurture our bodies, hearts minds & spirits.

We use her energy at the depth of winter solstice to withdraw from the world, to rest, surrender, to be guided back to our magick to embody our sacred & most natural selves.
Jun. 16 - 19th, 2022
Sacred Journeys
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the going within time, to rest & recalibrate for the seasons to come
Travel into the domain of feeling & emotion, listen intimately to your body, seek out your own unique expression & cultivate your sacred feminine.

Honour the process of letting go, free yourself up to discover the essence of joy residing deep within your heart. This is the potent, healing current of your inner woman, the Great Mother Goddess.

Come and join a movement of sisters, grandmothers, mothers, daughters, warrior women, wild women, wise women and wonderful women as we play in the magick that happens when women gather. 

womb medicine
making your gourd
GOURD - Sacred Calabash From The Ancestral Mothers - teaches us about the power of the feminine, the container, the womb space.
Gourds open portals into the world of mystery, magick and manifestation.
They are the bridge between the as above & the so below.
They reflect the deepest, most intimate place of our woman's body where death, life & rebirth are seated.
Step into this Red Owl Retreat to experience the rich creative landscape of personal expression. The gourd you choose will become an extension of your very own womb space & an expression of your embodied sacred & natural self.
Your facilitator
Weaving Willow
Weaving Willow is a medicine woman.
She honors & celebrates her role as a mother, daughter, sister, lover, mentor & teacher. She has trained in the Shamanic Twisted Hairs lineage for over 10 years & facilitates women’s lodges through the guidance of Red Owl and the Grandmothers. She weaves healing medicine into the fabric of all life, sharing the wisdom of her womb through the mantle of the matriarch. She is able to direct one’s attention to the heart of the matter, to see what needs to be seen, feel what needs to be felt & heal the wounding deep within.
Sacred Journeys Retreat &
SHAMANIC Training Centre,
Valley of 1000 Hills

Situated in the picturesque Valley of 1000 Hills, midway between Durban & Pietermaritzburg, SACRED JOURNEYS offers you a sanctuary, away from the busy-ness of the world so you can focus on your own personal needs & experience profound learning, healing, transformational growth, personal development & holistic wellness.

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Red Owl Winter Retreat guided by Laurel Weaving Willow

BEGINS: Thursday, June 16th at 5:30pm.

ENDS: Sunday, June 19th, you are welcome to stay for lunch.


Move into each day from the presence of your body, mind, spirit & heart.

We use a variety of practices in the mornings to support this inward journey. Receive gentle yet powerful matriarchal medicine wheel teachings through the course of each day. These ancient wheels expand your awareness & understanding of feminine energy. They speak to the four faces of the sacred feminine & how these faces have profound relevance in your everyday life. They can also help you to find more flow rather than the overwhelm of responsibility & doing for others.

There will some formal teachings plus informal exercises, discussions & personal inquiry.

A strong, safe container, a sacred space to hold & support you through the process as you relax into the embodiment of your most sacred & natural self. This is a ceremony, one of many we will explore together.

Time dedicated to being wholly present to the act of nourishing your body. There will be simple heart infused food created with love & radiance.

Laugh, cry, dance, rest, learn, talk, share, rattle, howl & release your wonderful wild woman…


On confirmation of booking, you will receive a whatsapp from us with final details to prepare for your retreat.


Seven acres of nature just outside the city, where you can connect to the birds & bees & fresh air. There are no televisions, radios, magazines or electronic devices & cellphones are strongly discouraged. This means outside distractions are limited, allowing you the time to just breathe! 
There is a well stocked library, large communal indoor teaching space & plenty of outdoor spaces to sit together or alone.
Our medicine gardens are lovingly tended around the buildings, and just beyond you can walk into acres of natural bush that sings with an abundance of bird life.
We suggest you bring good walking shoes, water bottle, sunhat, torch & raincoat so you can spend some time out there.


Bring all your own bedding including a small comfy mattress & pillows - sleeping bags are ideal as we will be sleeping together in the same room at night & rolling up our bedding to make space to embrace our process work during the day.


Our meals will be simple, eaten together and mostly vegetarian. Please feel free to bring along snacks & refreshments to share.


Provisional bookings are held for 3 days.
Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment.
Payments can be made in CASH or by EFT.
Please note we do not have card facilities.
Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you all the info you need to prepare for your experience with us.
Payment is to be made in full prior to the start of any event.
Refunds (minus R250.00 administration charge) are given only if the booking is cancelled more than seven working days before.
Payments are forfeited if cancelled less than seven working days before.
By making your payment, you agree to the above T&C's.

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