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Song of the Universe
Connect to a higher consciousness
January 7 - 9th 2022
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Song of the Universe
We open our hearts to hear the ‘The Song of the Universe’ singing to us of the unseen mysteries of our existence. Although we have no answers to our origins and why we are here, we can learn to celebrate the uniqueness of who we are and how we touch the world.
The specific medicine wheels we explore over this two-day training open a portal into ancient knowledge describing the energy and intent of all the exists across the universe. They help us to cast aside the illusions of isolation and separation which keep us feeling lost and alone.
Jan. 7 - 9th, 2022
Sacred Journeys
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The Journey of the Rainbow Warrior
These shamanic teachings are for those who thirst for ancient proven ways to understand themselves more clearly. They show us how to develop a more intimate, compassionate, and harmonious relationship with ourselves, the world and others.
The Rainbow Warrior is ready to wake up and discover the wealth of knowledge, magick & wisdom within, & harness this power to create a balanced life filled with beauty.
There are five Rainbow Warrior Training Weekends which collectively offer a comprehensive introduction to shamanism. Each one is rich with knowledge, teachings, tools & ceremonies rooted in the study of nature, psychology, human physiology, spirituality, science & philosophy.
This particular weekend ventures into the exploration of the Song of the Universe.
Other weekends focus on the following themes:
Our Children’s Planet
Journey of Cycles
Our Identity
Human Luminosity

These weekends open the door to an olde way of apprenticeship. Should the student wish to continue their training beyond the five weekends, they become an apprentice committed to becoming an empowering leader, walking their talk and supporting the evolution of themselves & others.
Lou & Laurel are your Medicine Guides on this Rainbow Warrior Journey. With more than 40 years of combined experience, knowledge, and wisdom, together they hold a sacred and powerful space for healing, growth and transformation. They truly 'Walk their Talk' as they continue to follow the call of spirit to fulfill their destiny as Rainbow Warriors.
Sacred Journeys Retreat &
SHAMANIC Training Centre,
Valley of 1000 Hills

Situated in the picturesque Valley of 1000 Hills, midway between Durban & Pietermaritzburg, SACRED JOURNEYS offers you a sanctuary, away from the busy-ness of the world so you can focus on your own personal needs & experience profound learning, healing, transformational growth, personal development & holistic wellness.

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Rainbow Warrior Song of the Universe Taught by Lou Worldweaver & Laurel Weaving Willow 

Friday 7th January 6pm - Sunday 9th January 4pm


A blended teaching style that allows an organic approach to each experience we share. Through the course of each day, you will receive various learning & healing opportunities including teachings, group activities & exercises, interactive & exploratory discussion, body-mind-heart integration techniques, personal reflection time, powerful ancient ceremonies, storytelling & sharing, techniques of discipline, tools for application & more.


On confirmation of booking, you will receive a whatsapp from us with final details to prepare for your training.


Seven acres of nature just outside the city, where you can connect to the birds & bees & fresh air. There are no televisions, radios, magazines or electronic devices & cellphones are strongly discouraged. This means outside distractions are limited, allowing you the time to just breathe!
There is a well stocked library, large communal indoor teaching space & plenty of outdoor spaces to sit together or alone.
Our medicine gardens are lovingly tended around the buildings, and just beyond you can walk into acres of natural bush that sings with an abundance of bird life.
We suggest you bring good walking shoes, water bottle, sunhat, torch & raincoat so you can spend some time out there.


The Centre offers 5 unique shared bedrooms accommodating a total of 12 people on comfy single beds.
A large changeroom with indoor shower plus a magickal outdoor shower where nature embraces you.
Bring your own sleeping gear & natural body products.


There is a fully equipped communal kitchen with large fridge, microwave, gas stove & oven.
All events are self catered so bring food to take care of your needs or you can ask one of our local caterers to nourish you.
Food logistics are often arranged communally so we suggest you bring one lunch/dinner meal to feed between 12 & 15 people - more details for this will be in your confirmation of booking whatsapp.


Provisional bookings are held for 3 days.
Bookings are only confirmed on receipt of payment.
Payments can be made in CASH or by EFT.
Please note we do not have card facilities.
Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you all the info you need to prepare for your experience with us.
Payment is to be made in full prior to the start of any event.
Refunds (minus R250.00 administration charge) are given only if the booking is cancelled more than seven working days before.
Payments are forfeited if cancelled less than seven working days before.
By making my payment, I agree to the above T&C's.

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