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FAQ: Exchanges

Money is not a factor that should prevent anyone from participating at Sacred Journeys. We hold the following approach to exchanges, whether they are monetary or otherwise.
Everything in the universe follows the principal of mutual energy exchange - there is no such thing as a free ride.
The bee takes pollen so that it may nurture and care for it's hive. In exchange, it fertilizes the flower so that it too may thrive. 
We have experienced that this same kind of balanced equitable exchange creates opportunity for the greatest benefits for everyone involved.

Should you feel called to join one of our events or courses, but you have difficulty meeting the required cost, then contact us to discuss your proposal for equitable exchange.

FAQ: Heart Gifts

Heart Gifts equalize the exchange of unseen energy invested on your behalf by the Dance Chief / Ceremonial Facilitator & Apprentices who offer themselves in service to the gathering.

The concept of 'Heart Gifting' is a traditional shamanic way of honouring energy exchange in both the tonal (everyday physical reality) & nagual (all spiritual levels). 

The Heart Gift is an expression of appreciation & acknowledgment, to honour & equalize the exchange of energy invested on your behalf by the Dance Chief / Ceremonial Facilitator and Apprentices who offer themselves in service. Fees are charged for tuition, consultations, venue, upkeep, utilities, facilitators, organisational time & materials. 

There is never a fee charged for Ceremony, a Heart Gift is the exchange.

Heart Gifts are just that – a gift from your heart, it can include something that is created, bought or that you have in abundance. 
When choosing a heart gift, it is helpful to ask yourself if you would be happy to receive what you are giving & if you feel balance in the exchange.

To give you an idea, the Fire Crew gives about 5 hours of their time to be of service to those who participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony. As do Healing Circle Apprentices who support a Crystal Sound Healing. 
A Dance Chief or Ceremonial Facilitator has been extensively trained to hold & support a safe energetic tonal container and navigate the nagual on behalf of those participating in the ceremony or the person who has asked for healing.

We are often asked what kind of Heart Gifts are recommended so here are some suggestions: quality lighters, pillar candles, dark / sugar-free chocolate, incense, gluten-free nibbles, wine, pots & plants, herbs & flowers, homemade treats, consumables (jam/honey/dark chocolate/ coconut oil/olive oil), essential oils, donations etc.

Please do not feel limited by this list and allow your heart to be your guide!

A Heart Gift is usually given with an offering of tobacco, which symbolizes the sealing of one's intent & a connection to spirit. This is done by taking a pinch of tobacco, holding it in your fingers as you state your intent, wrap it in red fabric & tie it closed with red yarn (red represents protection & heart connection.) This is then attached to your Heart Gift. 
You can place your Heart Gifts in the BASKETS provided in the Centre when you arrive.

FAQ: Feast Food

FEAST FOOD is a dish prepared for 8-12 people, brought to share with everyone, intended to nourish the spirit as well as the body  in communal celebration. It can but does not have to be vegetarian.  You can place your feast food in the KITCHEN upon arrival.

Following most community gatherings & ceremonies, we traditionally bring the event to completion with a sharing of Feast Food in celebration of the rebirth we have experienced together. As you will find in many cultures & traditions from around the world, feasting is a celebration of the rite through which we have just passed.

This dish should be created with love, consciousness & awareness by someone who cares about what they are making. This nurtures & nourishes the spirit as well as the body.

The kitchen is equipped with fridge, microwave oven, gas oven & stove, cooking utensils, dishwashing liquid & dishcloths.
Feel free to bring along any tea/coffee/refreshments or personal preferences to add to the communal collection.

How Can Shamanism help someone?

Shamanism will help anyone who is looking to improve and change their quality of life. Regardless of the issue or challenge, the shamanism approach will help you root out the cause and bring you back to a state of wholeness and balance. Shamanism is the original form of spiritual, mental, physical and emotional connection to the world we live in. It is both compatible and complimentary to many belief systems. Over the years we have worked with many people who devoutly followed their religious beliefs and have used this shamanic approach to deepen their spiritual connection. 

How do I know what is right for me?

Your personal journey is an important one, the path you take and the choices you make affect your whole life. Imagine the responsibility of finding the right nursery school for your two year old child, knowing that whatever school you choose will impact them (positively or negatively) in every aspect of their growth and development.
You would ensure that you explored all options so you could make the best decision for your precious bundle of joy.
You are equally as precious and it's just as important when choosing the right therapist, teacher or guide to aid you in your self-growth. This is why we encourage you to do your homework before committing to any person or modality, including us.
You can find many people out there calling themselves shamans and medicine (wo)men, however you cannot just take a few courses, spend some time in nature and then advertise yourself as a shaman. It takes many years of training, teaching and practice to become a shaman. A real shaman is not intent on getting you to believe what they say but rather to help you find your own truth and wisdom. To be a shaman is to follow a calling. No-one has all the answers and it's best to steer clear of anyone who suggests or intimates that they do. Talk to them, find out what they are about and trust your intuition to make the decision that feels right for you.
If the spirit of Sacred Journeys touches you, then take the first step to connect by booking a free 20-minute video-chat with us - no obligations! 

What are the benefits of coming to Sacred Journeys?

An opportunity to open your mind and see the world from a different perspective.

A way to re-connect and learn from Nature, our simplest and greatest teacher.

An opportunity to let go of whatever holds you back from being that beautiful, natural human you dream yourself to be.

A new and exciting experience taking you out of your normal everyday life.

Tools and techniques that give you a deeper insight into the human psyche .

Sharing in a community of like minded people that support each other in a unique and open hearted way.

What are the requirements of coming to Sacred Journeys?

The only requirement we have is that you come with an open mind and the willingness to explore new possibilities.


Schedule a free 20 minute video-chat to ask any questions you have.

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