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Come sit with me, and let us smoke the Pipe of Peace in Understanding. Let us Touch. Let us, each to the other, be a Gift as is the Buffalo. Let us be Meat to Nourish each other, that we all may Grow. Sit here with me, each of you as you are in your own Perceiving of yourself, as Mouse, Wolf, Coyote, Weasel, Fox or Prairie Bird. Let me See through your Eyes. Let us Teach each other here in this Great Lodge of the People, this SunDance, of each of the Ways on this Great Medicine Wheel, our Earth.
Hyemeyohsts Storm ~ Seven Arrows
SE Community Gathering


The environmental, socio-economic and climatic changes that we are currently experiencing are sure to continue on in the years to come, into what many refer to as the “fifth world”.

One of the major lessons we must learn through these intense changes, is to find greater levels of open heartedness and acceptance, not only in our relationships with others but especially in our relationship with ourselves.

As a community, we gather in these circles to explore the Sacred Medicine Wheel Teachings, to gain other perspectives, of ourselves, one another and our world as we understand it.

We sit with the Sacred Medicine Pipe, we enter the Sacred Sweat Lodge so we may align to the changes we face, and expand into a state of open hearted acceptance of ourselves, the world and other humans. 

When we sit in Sacred Circle and speak from the heart, shift happens.
When we sit in a Sacred Sweat Lodge, we let go of our everyday stress and
When we sit in the Great Lodge, we learn from each other and we learn from each of the Ways of this Great Medicine Wheel, our Earth



Join us for a whole weekend where we get to know to the Medicine Wheels, learn from them, integrate their truth and knowledge, and sit in Ceremony with our ancestors asking the Medicine People of the Twisted Hairs Lineage for their knowledge, wisdom and guidance.

Each workshop has a different theme and intent, with a focus on giving you simple and effective ways to gain deeper insights into yourself, the world around you and others.

Using Nature's Wisdom, the greatest healer and teacher of all, you are guided back to hearing her voice speak quietly of Beauty, as she touches you with her Wholeness.

By opening these channels of self-love, you feel your own wholeness, reduce stress, listen to your inner wisdom and develop a positive attitude & approach towards living in awareness.

SE Drum


The drum is the oldest and most sacred of all musical instruments to be used by humans.
Rhythm, sound & vibration take us back to our origins, aligning us with Grandmother Earth’s frequency. Such an alignment restores our health, wellbeing & our connection to the world around us. 
The circular nature of the shamanic hand drum unites us with the Medicine Wheel & teaches us of the cycle of life, death & rebirth. It is through the drum that we can re-establish our connection to spirit, ourselves & the circle of life. It is what contribute to the manifestation of everything.
A Drum Birthing awakens you to your own heartbeat. As your hands fashion and create your own drum, you come into divine communion with all five elements, and the minerals, plants & animals. As you and the drum tune in to one another, you birth your own unique beat, note, rhythm and sound that vibrates out into the fabric of the universe. 
The time is now for us to become a powerful instruments of change.
SE Plant Medicne Journey


San Pedro Huachuma, Cactus of the 4 Winds is said to open the gates to heaven. It represents the masculine energy of Earth Father, Coatl, our connecting link to intent and spirit of the animals. By invoking the spirit of Earth Father we open ourselves to a deeper connection to Earth Mother, Quetzal, spirit of the plants; the essence of life.

Bringing the energies of Quetzal and Coatl into balance within ourselves provides mental healing of old thoughts, behaviours, addictions, beliefs and philosophies that keep us disconnected from our hearts, from life and from others.

It also provides deep physical healing and detoxification with rapid removal of built-up toxins stored within our organs and deep within our tissue. This puts us in a state of greater acceptance, love and compassion towards self, life and others.

Using the sacred and revered Teacher Plant "Huachuma" San Pedro Cactus, we can harness the dynamic energy and power of the Seasons to bring about personal & collective transformation.

SE Personal Shamanic Retreat


As you accumulate life experiences, the ones with a negative impact cause imbalances and weigh you down with unexpressed emotions. This results in sickness, illness, looking for ways to cope, forming unwanted habits, making unhealthy lifestyle choices, becoming withdrawn, anxious or depressed, lack of confidence, feelings of worthlessness and a lack of purpose in life.

A Personal Shamanic Retreat is tailor-made for you. We look at the WHOLE you - your emotional fluidity, physical health, mental clarity, spiritual determination and your harmonious connection.

Together we assess where you are out of balance, so we can prepare the teachings, ceremonies and experiences to support your needs and bring you the greatest gain.

The Shamanic Approach respects your individuality, your right to be in balance and your wholeness. We get to the cause of these imbalances and open your mind to other perspectives, possibilities and choices. Through this, you gain greater levels of self trust, self respect and the celebration of your uniqueness.

SE Healing


Following in the time honoured tradition of Shamanic Healing, the tools and techniques we use focus on identifying and addressing the cause of your illness or disease. The conventional approach is to defer to the medical "experts" with a primary focus on treating the symptom and generally excludes the patient from participating in their own healing.

Shamanic Healing includes the active commitment and participation of the patient and provides you with an alternative, holistic approach to non-invasive and non-medical health and wellbeing.

The Healing process begins with an initial consultation and a "Healing Intake Form". This becomes the basis by which a specific healing ceremony is prepared for you. Creating the healing ceremony takes between 4 to 7 days to prepare because each healing is as unique as the individual.

A Healing includes a traditional Pipe Ceremony, various doctoring techniques, chakra system restoration and crystal work. These tools clear out imbalances and blocks within your energy body and re-centre you your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects.

Please note: Our services are not a substitute for consulting with a qualified medical professional.

SE Doming


A Dome Casting creates a protective energy field around your space, property or home, keeping out unwanted energy and creates an environment promoting beauty, blessing and harmony. There are 3 layers to this Doming.

The Bridging Crystal Dome sets the boundary around the perimeter of the property you want to protect. It also links into a network of all like-energy Domes across the world.

The House Blessing Dome supports the health, harmony and balance of activities within the space.

The Mesa Altar is the innermost layer which holds an energy matrix for the Dome. This matrix aligns whoever is in the space to step into their higher potential.

SE Bonding


A traditional Bonding Ceremony is seen as a union of body, mind and spirit between 2 people and the Great Spirit.

The Great Spirit is formless, both feminine and masculine and exists within all things throughout the universe. The ceremony takes place in nature, under the sacred roof of Father Sky and upon the nurturing body of Mother Earth. It is witnessed and blessed by the minerals, plants and animals.

As with most weddings, the Bonding Ceremony has rituals woven through it to strengthen the bond and commitment of the couple. The smudging purifies all those who are present for the ceremony while the washing of the couple's hands cleanses and releases their past. The ceremony is performed within the Sacred Medicine Circle which holds a protective and supportive space for the ritual and all the participants.

At the completion of the ceremony, the couple are wrapped in a bonding blanket to symbolize two bodies living as one under the blessing and guidance of the Great Spirit